Three PS Vita Cases From Thrustmaster Are Ready For Launch

Let’s face it. If you plan to purchase a PlayStation Vita, then you’re going to need a durable case that you can trust to keep the high-tech device safe during travel. After all, it’s a small investment that will keep you worry free. Hopefully no damage will come to your unit regardless of whether it’s in a case or not, but it’s better to be safe.

To complement your expensive investment, Thrustmaster will be releasing three unique and officially licensed PS Vita cases around its launch period. One is themed after the device’s flagship release (Uncharted: Golden Abyss), while the other two feature black designs. All three of them look to be sturdy and capable of keeping your new technological friend safe from harm while it’s not in use.

All three cases will hit retail store shelves on February 28, ranging in price from $24.99 to $34.99 (USD).

Check out the accessories’ detailed press release for more information:

PlayStation®Vita: Thrustmaster is ready for the launch with its first officially licensed PS Vita range

For its first officially licensed PS Vita accessories, Thrustmaster is proud to introduce a team of 3 experts in protection and transportation, each with their own specific personality.

Expert 1: Elegance and style

With the V.I.P. Case for PS Vita, Thrustmaster has taken a fashion-oriented approach: it has been designed for PS Vita owners looking for a touch of elegance and style. This case was created for V.I.P. (Very Important Player) users who appreciate pure lines and aesthetically pleasing creations. Their PS Vita, like any important personality, must be able to enjoy discreet protection that’s also efficient – like a personal bodyguard. The V.I.P. Case for PS Vita is perfectly tailored to the shape of the console. What’s more, its main color codes – black and silver – are in perfect harmony with those of the PS Vita.

Modeled after glasses cases from leading designer brands, the case features an automatic closing system combined with a secure opening mechanism. The materials employed allow for external rigidity as well as optimal internal protection, particularly with the use of felt on the inside of the case to protect the PS Vita’s screen from scratches. The design of the V.I.P. Case for PS Vita has been optimized for the PS Vita’s wireless functions.

The V.I.P. Case for PS Vita will be available February 28, 2012, at a suggested retail price of $24.99.

Expert 2: Military-grade strength

The S.P.F Case for PS Vita (for Special Player Forces) takes another approach, and features a different style: here the protection mission takes on the look of a heavy-duty military operation, with tons of power! To accomplish this, the case’s unique design was directly inspired by military equipment – and is sure to appeal to hardcore gamers who are fans of war-related or first-person shooter titles.

The S.P.F Case for PS Vita – all black and silver, just like the PS Vita itself – is a perfect match for the usual colors employed by elite forces. Its extra-large size instantly commands respect and reflects its excellent shock resistance, as well as its ability to be transported any way the user wishes. Its interior features high-density foam, inspired by military cases, and is perfect for keeping everything in place. The upper section allows the user to store up to 6 games in dedicated compartments, and includes specific spaces to protect the console’s mini-sticks when the case is closed. Opening the case is secured by way of a lateral sliding system for the release latches. A “Thrustmaster S.P.F.” dog tag is also featured on the outside of the case’s top cover, for a truly military-grade appeal.

The S.P.F Case for PS Vita will be available February 28, 2012, at a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Expert 3: An adventurous spirit

Last but not least, for users looking for adventure, Thrustmaster is offering a case dedicated to the world of Nathan Drake – the unstoppable hero of UNCHARTEDTM, who will be making a return for the launch of this platform with the new opus entitled “Golden Abyss”: the UNCHARTEDTM Case for PS Vita.

It includes the same features as its partner the S.P.F Case, in terms of its extra-large size, solid construction and the materials employed, including high-density foam. It also includes storage spaces for 6 games, as well as compartments designed for optimized protection of the PS Vita’s mini-sticks. The closing and opening system is also secured by way of lateral-sliding release latches. This case has also been specially designed to optimize the PS Vita’s wireless functions.

The UNCHARTED™ Case for PS Vita will be available February 28, 2012, at a suggested retail price of $34.99.

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