PS Vita Digital Games 40 Percent Cheaper Than Retail, Limited To One PSN Account

We’re getting a ton of reports coming in today about some great things about the upcoming PlayStation Vita, and some not so great things.

According to a report on Thrifty Nerd, games purchased on PlayStation Network instead of at retail may be discounted up to 40 percent off their $39.99 price. The report comes from a Sony rep that was at a recent demo event.

This actually makes quite a bit of sense. A longstanding argument about digital distribution was the games should be cheaper since production, packaging and other retail costs are completely cut from the equation. This would also make up for the recently leaked outrageous proprietary memory card prices (4GB: $30, 8GB: $45, 16GB: $70, 32GB: $120). Keep in mind however that the answer was worded as “up to” 40 percent.

Another report coming from a NeoGAF thread says each Vita device will be limited to one PSN account. The only way to put a new account on the handheld will be by completely formatting the Vita’s memory to factory settings. That means those of you that like having multiple accounts to try out things on different regions’ PlayStation Stores, will be out of luck this time around.

This sounds like something to do with Sony cutting down on the infamous game-sharing that plagues PlayStation Network accounts. It used to be so a piece of content could be downloaded on up to five devices as long as the PSN account was recovered on that device, which no doubt lost Sony a lot of money. So I guess I don’t blame them for putting this into place.

The PlayStation Vita is releasing stateside on February 22, 2012.

What say you, gamers? Does the Vita still sound appealing to you? I’m all for cheap games!

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