Former PS Vita Exclusive Metrico+ Coming To PlayStation 4 In 2016


Metrico+ (formerly just Metrico) is coming to the PlayStation 4 in early 2016 and PlayStation Experience attendees will get a first look at the new version. As part of the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, developer Digital Dreams’ level designer Roy Van De Mortel said that both he and the rest of Metrico‘s team “want players to feel like the PS Vita version is still a unique experience despite the game coming to PS4,” with the latter aiming to be an entirely “new experience.”

I’d like to elaborate on some of the changes and fixes we made. We loved that Metrico was exclusive to PS Vita. That’s why for the bigger part we want players to feel like the PS Vita version is still a unique experience, and the PS4 version will be a new experience, taking the best parts of the Vita version and building on them with lots of new and improved features.

If you’re not familiar with Metrico+, Van De Mortel himself describes the puzzle platformer as a “unique world for you to explore”:

Metrico is a new world. A unique world for you to explore, which consists of all sorts of infographics like bar diagrams, pie charts and line graphs. These infographics constantly change based on your actions, movements and input. The goal of the game is to experiment and find out how each infographic within certain puzzles react, solving these puzzles in that manner.

Essentially, Digital Dreams want you to think of Metrico+ as more of a sequel to the Vita version rather than a port. The studio are currently looking into whether Metrico+ will support Sony’s cross-buy platform between the Vita and PS4, and we’ll keep you posted once we hear more.