PS Vita Allows Multiple Accounts With Multiple Memory Cards

Well this is embarrassing. Remember a few days ago when we reported that each Vita unit will only allow one PSN account to be signed in? Well official words from Sony says that isn’t true, but you’ll need to buy some of those obscenely expensive memory cards to get around it.

The new word directly from the folks who make the Vita to say that the MEMORY CARDS are limited to one PSN account each. These memory cards can be swapped out, and different accounts with them. However, should you want to put a different account on a card, you’ll need to format the whole thing.

This seems to suggest that the previously optional memory cards that cost an arm and a leg may not be as optional as they seem. PSN accounts are pretty basic, and this wording makes it seem that the Vita itself can’t store PSN accounts on it. And that isn’t cool.

The PlayStation Vita hits North American shores February 22, 2012.

What say you, gamers? Does that ease the pain at all?