PS3/Vita Cross Play Games Come With Free Games

We already know how the cross play on the Vita and PS3 will work, but what if someone owns both and wants to have a copy of a game for both systems? It seems Sony might be testing out a way to do that with copies that work on both Vita and PS3. Free games! (kinda…)

A new post on the PlayStation Blog details at least three instances where this universal DLC will work. If you happen to own a copy of Hustle Kings or WipEout HD on PS3, you’ll be able to access the game on your Vita, and vice versa.

The cross platform works with DLC too. For example, if you purchase any DLC for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on either Vita or PS3, you’ll be able to access that DLC on the other platform at no extra charge.

No word on if this will impact other games in the future, but I can’t think of a single gamer that would complain that their games and DLC work on more than one device. It certainly is a nice change of pace.

What say you, gamers? Has this influenced your view of the cross play mechanic?

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