PS4 And Xbox One Demos For One Piece: Burning Blood Are Available Now


A demo for One Piece: Burning Blood is now available for PS4 and Xbox One players, ahead of the game’s North American and European release in a few weeks. A new trailer for the game has also been revealed today, showcasing the game’s Pirate Flag Battle mode.

In this exclusive mode, players will join a crew and conquer the online ocean by capturing famous locations from the anime with the help of their team of brave pirates. Fans of the series are sure to love this mode, and it certainly seems like a great way of bringing the world to life.

As for the demo, you’ll be able to experience the offline VS mode: including playable characters Ace, Luffy, Franky and Aokiji, along with the Dressrosa Corrida Colosseum stage. Here, players will engage and compete in huge brawls by strategically choosing a team of characters and swapping them in and out during the heat of battle. There are Logia Moves for unique abilities and the powerful Haki blow to break through enemy defences, while Devil Fruits are the source of massive Special Attacks. The possibilities are numerous, depending on your play-style.

Check out the new trailer above and head to the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace to get your hands on the One Piece: Burning Blood demo. The full game arrives in North America on May 31.