PS4 Horror Title Until Dawn Gets Into The Valentine Mood In Spooky New Trailer


Roses are red, violets are blue, watch your back, because there’s a mass-murdering psychopath standing next to you. Granted, that may not be exactly how the old poem goes, but in this new trailer for PS4 horror title Until Dawn, Sony and developer Supermassive Games flip all sorts of romantic conventions on their decapitated head in time for Valentine’s Day.

Orbiting around a group of naive young adults, the PlayStation 4 exclusive has been completely overhauled since its initial reveal a few years back. In kicking PS Move to the kerb, Supermassive has overhauled graphics, reworked dialogue and even recast some key members of the voice cast in preparation for the title’s second coming. Now, Until Dawn is bringing a whole new interactive experience to Sony’s console later this year, built on those instantly recognizable slasher tropes that defined some of the most memorable horror villains in cinema.

Retreating to an old cabin in the woods, the group soon find themselves hunted by a marauding, masked killer. Sound familiar? Of course it does. But what sets Until Dawn apart is its approach to narrative, with each player decision creating ripples in the pond that will go on to shape the outcome of the story. The butterfly effect, essentially.

Supermassive’s Until Dawn is slated for a release in the summer. For more on the PS4 exclusive, check out the detailed synopsis below.

Harnessing the power of an evolved Killzone Shadowfall engine, Until Dawn is a 3rd person interactive horror will shock and horrify players thanks to its realistic graphics and edge of your seat gameplay as they navigate their way through a terrifying night. The DualShock 4 motion sensor functionality will track how still you can be whilst in hiding from Until Dawn’s fearsome terrors and the camera will capture player scares as they happen to share with friends. Players carve their path to survival with branching story lines which mean that no two stories will be the same. Decisions, big and small, will shape each player’s unique story. Inspired by the chaos theory, the butterfly effect could make trivial split-second decisions ripple into moments of grave peril.

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