PlayStation 4 Will Launch With Built-In Software The PlayRoom


Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4, currently planned for an unspecified release later this year, already has several titles announced for purchase during its launch window. But for those who can afford to only buy the system but maybe not many games, Sony has a little application in the works known as The PlayRoom, which will come pre-loaded with every system.

A debut trailer for The PlayRoom, which can be viewed below, shows that the title will consist of various minigames that showcase both the new features of the DualShock 4 controller, the new PlayStation Eye camera, and the augmented reality features both are capable of.

These features range from playing a new take on Pong to summoning a floating robot named Asobi that players can interact with, along with other “AR Bots” who can be flicked out from the controller and scattered about on the floor.

It should be noted that The PlayRoom will likely require the PlayStation Eye to work, which is an accessory that has already been confirmed to be bundled separately from the system. In other words, though the game itself won’t cost anything extra, the equipment used to play it will.

We will keep you updated on more news regarding the PlayStation 4 as it develops. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the system and this new title in the comments section below.