PS4-Only Content Within Batman: Arkham Knight Is A Timed Exclusive


As expected, Rocksteady’s conclusive Batman: Arkham Knight is poised to receive a bout of in-game content that will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, but today an Amazon listing has confirmed that the partnership between the studio and Sony is a timed exclusive, and the features will proliferate onto other platforms in the fall.

Bundling together are a series of bonus objectives in the form of the Scarecrow Nightmare missions, not to mention a couple of character skins for The Caped Crusader – including a really rather awesome guide inspired by the classic Adam West era – and, finally, an alternative look for Bruce Wayne’s trusty companion, the Batmobile.

This tidbit comes shortly after the unveiling of the limited edition Arkham Knight-themed PlayStation 4, which comes emblazoned with a Batman design and a steel-grey finish. Priced at $449, the hotly-anticipated bundle includes a copy of the threequel itself, a DualShock 4 and a 500GB console. It’s quite a pricey package, really, but considering the sheer quality of the end product, there’s little doubt that this bundle will sell like hot cakes as Rocksteady’s sequel gears up for its June launch date.

Following one final, minor delay, Batman: Arkham Knight is due to release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on June 23. For more on the PlayStation timed exclusive content, you can check out the graphic below.


Source: Amazon