The PS4 PlayStation App Launches November 13th For Mobile Devices

sony playstation app

Sony fully detailed the PS4’s companion PlayStation App today, revealing that the free software will launch for iOS and Android devices on November 13th, 2013 in North America and on November 22nd across Europe.

Up to this point, the limited amount of information released about the PlayStation App has mainly revolved around its functionality with the PlayStation 4 (manage Friend Lists, Trophies, second screen for the PS4, etc.). While those features do account for the majority of the mobile apps’ usefulness, today’s announcement has revealed a surprisingly robust bit of software that will also work with the PS Vita, and PS3.

In addition to its PS4-specific features, the PlayStation App will also allow PS Vita and PlayStation 3 owners to exchange messages, purchase game content from the PS Store, and then push those downloads to the older systems.

Granted there is nothing mind blowing here, but I was certainly not expecting the PlayStation App to add much functionality to the PlayStation 3. If nothing else, I will happily take anything that lets me never have to access the new PS Store from the PS3.

Check out the full list of PlayStation App features that will be available at launch on the next page, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.