PSA: GameStop Removing Deus Ex: Human Revolution OnLive Codes

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting some great reviews in the States, undoubtedly a reaction which will increase sales. If you happen to be a PC gamer, however, it would be advisable for you to tread carefully when choosing where to make your purchase. As a reward for buying the game new, Square Enix are offering a free OnLive copy of the game in every case – cases which GameStop are opening in order to remove the code.

Why? The internet rumour mill has it that GameStop don’t want to be promoting a rival service as they continue to move into the digital market themselves. Take that as you will.

GameStop have confirmed to various sites that they are indeed removing the codes, although have given no reason for it. Personally, I’m not sure whether this is technically illegal or not, but it certainly isn’t fair. Not only are they opening boxes, tampering with the contents and then selling as new (not exactly a shocker in this day and age, but still), they are charging the same amount as other stores for less content.

It’s pretty crazy and it definitely shouldn’t be happening. They don’t have the right to be opening and tampering with the game, especially if they are selling it new. Don’t you agree?