PSA: Gears Of War 4 Early Access Starts Today For Ultimate Edition Owners


Gears of War 4 won’t see an official launch until next week, but those who splashed the cash on the shooter’s $100 Ultimate Edition can start their journey as J.D. Fenix right now as part of the early access bonus included within.

Besides being among the first to experience the first main entry Gears title to be released since creators Epic Games parted ways with Microsoft for pastures anew, the Ultimate Edition comes packed with other bonuses to justify its three-digit price tag.

A season pass, which includes access to 24 DLC maps to be released across the span of an entire year (two a month) and the Vintage VIP Pack featuring Vintage weapon and JD skins can be found in the box, the former of which can be used in private play on dedicated servers. A so-called Developer Playlist is present too, granting access to “new maps, modes, and features that can be tested prior to broad release.”

Gears of War 4 sees a full release for Xbox One and Windows 10 on October 11, and will be included in Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program. All game progress, achievements and Gamerscore will be synchronized between both versions.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones enjoying early access, you can help ease the wait with the above video, which showcases 40 minutes of Gears of War 4‘s single-player mode.