PSN Down In Europe And North America

The Playstation Network is currently down in both Europe and North America, Sony have said that the PSN is undergoing maintenance and that they will update users on the expected timeframe as soon as possible. To me though, it appears that the hacking group Anonymous are back in action and are preying on Sony after openly admitting they had been targeting the company earlier last month.

Anonymous said via their website that they would refrain from interfering with PSN (and as a consequence the gamers) for a while as the hacking team explained they’re focussed on hurting Sony exclusively, claiming to be ‘on our side’.

While Sony haven’t acknowledged that this sudden and un-scheduled maintenance is due to some third party attack, everyone is pretty sure that Anonymous are involved in some way. Last month Sony did eventually release a statement admitting that their websites could have all gone dark because of some form of cyber attack, contrary to their previous story.

It seems that most of Europe and the US are affected by this crash, with nearly all users unable to sign in. How long this will last is unknown, but we can be sure the gamers aren’t going to be pleased.

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