PSN To Receive Anomaly: Warzone Earth By End Of Summer

Huzzah Playstation gamers! Anomaly: Warzone Earth, the critically acclaimed real time strategy game, is finally making its way to PSN “a bit later this summer.” Although previously released for smartphones, computers and the 360, us shunned PS3 owners can finally get a piece of the action!

Not only that, but 11 Bit Studios will grace us with a local co-op mode so that you don’t have to play alone anymore. Check below for a more accurate description of the mode:

Anomaly: Warzone Earth for PS3 includes local co-op where two players combine forces as they lead their squads in battle against the alien scum. One commander controls the squad as the other plans strategy, while both use their reflexes and wits to deploy abilities and help to boost the other.

Although a final release date has not yet been announced, 11 Bit Studios assures fans that we will get Anomaly: Warzone Earth by the end of the summer. Watch the video preview below and get ready to protect Earth yet again!