PSPGo UK Stock Will ‘Not Be Receiving Replenishments’

MCV reports that electronic and game retailers have been told by their suppliers that they shouldn’t expect to receive any more PSPGo units after current stock have been sold. It seems that Sony are already making the transition to the NGP, slowly withdrawing the still relatively young PSPGo and preparing folks for their next major handheld device.

Sony continues to reassure us that the current generation of PSP handhelds are still in demand and offer the best portable gaming experience around, but I think the success of the 3DS is making them think about how best to distribute their efforts intelligently. Next to the novelty value/exciting new tech that Nintendo are offering, the smaller price tag, and the fact the 3DS bears that all important word ‘Nintendo’ on it, the PSPGo honestly doesn’t have that much of a chance at the moment.

The trouble is that Sony have made a real problem for themselves by revealing the NGP this early in the year (as in during the potential peak sales period for the PSPGo), consumers are now getting all sweaty and nerdy over this shiny new toy, meanwhile the PSPGo is left looking second best after they’ve seen the NGP demos. People would rather wait and save their money, and quite rightly too.

Perhaps slowly pulling the curtain down on the handheld is the more graceful and appropriate reaction after all. Even so….April seems early right? Premature bow of the still worthy gaming device?

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