Psychonauts 2 Closes in On Its $3.3 Million Funding Target

psychonauts 2-w800-h600

Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions confirmed yesterday that the funding initiative for Psychonauts 2 has now passed the $3 million mark. This latest update means that the project is within touching distance of its $3.3 million target, with two weeks until the deadline expires on January 12.

The game’s crowdfunding is being generated via Fig which, unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, lets some of its backers take a monetary stake in the game. Basically this means that, if the game succeeds, these backers would also be able to share in some of that success.

Schafer was obviously in a buoyant mood at the latest milestone achieved by his Psychonauts 2 initiative, as evidenced by the Tweet below:

At present, the finished game is scheduled roughly for a release date in Fall 2018, and is set to be arriving on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. These final two weeks of the project will be crucial for Psychonauts 2, but the signs are certainly positive that the target will be reached before too long.