Psychonauts 2 Crowd-Funding Campaign Announced


Double Fine head honcho Tim Schafer took to the stage at tonight’s The Game Awards ceremony in order to announce that the long awaited Psychonauts 2. However, in order for the title to see a release, it will first need to be partially funded through the crowdfunding site Fig.

Taking place following the events of the original Psychonauts, the game will see protagonist Raz begin his career at Psychonauts Headquarters. However, upon becoming a fully licensed agent, Raz soon realizes that the Psychonauts agents already in place need his help. During the adventure, we’ll get further information on Raz’s family, and will once again jump into the minds of new patients.

Seeking to raise $3.3 million, which will then be matched by Double Fine and outside investors, Schafer spoke about why now is the time for Psychonauts 2 to finally be created.

Our fans constantly ask us to make Psychonauts 2, and often we’ve talked about doing it. The problem is that through traditional means we’ve never been able to raise a budget high enough to do it justice. When we crowdfunded Broken Age in 2012 and broke all the records with the amount we raised, it really showed me the power of our community, and it made me think… maybe we can do this, maybe we could make Psychonauts 2 this way!

The sequel will feature several returning pieces of the team behind the original release. Schafer will, of course, lead development, while Erik Wolpaw, Peter Chan, Scott Campbell, Nathan Stapley and Peter McConnell will all be returning to the series. On top of that, voice actors Richard Horvitz and Nikki Rapp, will return to the roles of Raz and Lily, respectively.