Psyonix And Zag Toys Announce New Range Of Rocket League Toys


No, your eyes do not deceive you, Psyonix is bringing Rocket League to the real world (sort of) this spring with a range of toys based on the popular car sports title. In partnership with Zag Toys, the new line of original minis will be available in 12 different flavors and will feature the same “Pull-Back” mechanism you’ll likely be intimately familiar with from your childhood years. Each car will come encased in “its own miniature Rocket Ball,” says Psyonix, which immediately evokes long-buried memories of my youth, spending inordinate amounts of change on sphere-dispensing Gashapon-style vending machines.

Of course, I doubt Psyonix will be distributing their own toys through that method, but still, it’s easy to see how these mini racers will become highly sought after collectibles down the road, especially considering the ridiculously popular game in which they come from. If you prefer your Rocket League action to remain strictly video game-based, you might change your mind upon learning that Psyonix plans to include codes for unique in-game content with each mini, including exclusive Rocket Trails and Wheel decals.

Specific release dates and available retailers have yet to be specified but expect Psyonix to release more details closer to spring. As per GameSpot, if you’re in the New York area later this month, you’ll be able to see the miniatures on show at the North American International Toy Fair. We imagine more than just a few fans will be there, what with Rocket League‘s player base having gone well beyond 25 million as of December last year.