Allison Road Kickstarter Cancelled; Team17 Now Set To Publish


P.T.-inspired indie game Allison Road has had the plug pulled on its Kickstarter campaign. But don’t worry, as developer Team17 have opted to partner with developer Lilith to publish the game instead. Speaking on the official Kickstarter page, the development team said that:

We have decided to withdraw the Kickstarter campaign to allow us to commit 100% to an opportunity that will give us the chance as a team to create the best game possible.

As a newly founded studio, we’ve been completely overwhelmed by your encouragement and huge interest in Allison Road and we’d love to thank each and every one of you for all of the amazing support you have given us during our Kickstarter campaign and beyond. Really incredibly appreciated. We are delighted to announce that we will be joining Team17’s highly successful games label.

Additionally, the post puts to rest fears from fans of the game that having it published by an external company will have an impact on the creative freedom the team has enjoyed so far, stating that Team17’s involvement will only help the development process.

Working with Team17 will give us the chance to make our game unhindered creatively, but at the same time will give us the resources, support and experience that only a 25 year old studio can give.

There’s currently no release date for Allison Road, and don’t expect to hear any more new info soon, as the status update also states that the team will be going under the radar to focus heavily on getting the game finished.

Once we do hear more, though, we’ll be sure to let you know.