Pulse-Pounding Multiplayer Trailer For Titanfall 2 Deploys From Orbit


On the heels of today’s single-player leak, EA has premiered the first look at Titanfall 2‘s multiplayer gameplay – and it’s a doozy. Feast your eyes on the trailer above.

Featuring six all-new Titans to pilot, the publisher also teased that players will be able to customize their towering companions through a reworked “progression system.” Details regarding this new feature remain thin on the ground for the time being, but there’s also word of an “open technical test” for the shooter’s multiplayer component that will likely take place during the summer. You can register here.


When it comes to single-player, the reveal trailer pointed to the core relationship between mech and pilot – BT-7274 and Jack Cooper, in this instance. A somber AI voiceover outlines some of the story underpinning Respawn’s sequel, as the studio preps to steer its budding new franchise on to a new frontier.

Titanfall 2 is due to launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 28. To go up close and personal with Respawn’s hotly-anticipated shooter sequel, you can feast your eyes on a new wave of screenshots via the gallery below.