Puppeteer Announced By Sony Through Spectacular Trailer

There may be no strings in sight but there is undoubtedly plenty of style. Puppeteer, a PS3 game that has just been announced at this year’s Gamescom, stands centre stage as the most unique offering of the event so far.

Developed by Sony’s Japan Studio, this puppet-based platformer follows the journey of Kutaro as he tries to reclaim his head and find his way back home after being turned into a puppet. The world itself moves around you as opposed to you it, with the action taking place upon the same stage with continually changing sets filled with surprises.

Puppeteer is somewhat reminiscent of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, with scissors capable of cutting through the world that Kutaro now inhabits, but seems to have a somewhat darker tone akin to that of the traditional fairy tale. The aesthetic is incredibly well defined, with an abundance of artistry and some harrowing yet enchanting animation.

See the spectacle for yourself in the trailer below:

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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