Puppeteer Gets New Trailers For E3 & Pre-Order Bonuses


Puppeteer, Sony’s beautiful-looking 2D platformer developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3, is still on track for its previously confirmed September 10th release date at the lowered cost of $39.99, and now that E3 is imminent, the publisher has dropped some more details regarding the powerups players can expect to find while playing, along with some extra goodies for those who pre-order the game.

A key gameplay mechanic will be the ability for the protagonist, Kutaro, to switch heads for his puppet body, each of which will give him various abilities. Two newly announced heads are the Pirate’s Head, which will add the ability to throw hooks at enemies and the terrain, and the Wrestler’s Head, which enables Kutaro to perform powerful slams into the ground with his head. Trailers for both powerups can be viewed below.

Another new gameplay trailer has also been released, showcasing many of the whimsical and lively environments and characters players can expect to see in the finished product.

Finally, some pre-order bonuses have been unveiled. Those who reserve the game at participating retailers will receive a copy of the soundtrack, done by composer Patrick Doyle of Thor and Rise of the Planet of the Apes fame, some exclusive PlayStation Network avatars of characters from the game, and a dynamic PS3 theme.

Puppeteer continues to be one of Sony’s more unique-looking titles for this year and we will keep you updated as more news on the title becomes available.