Purchase Battlefield 3 From Origin And Get Beta Access

Although some other major retailers plan to hand out early access to downloadable content for Battlefield 3, Origin‘s pre-order bonus is arguably the best. By a long shot, too. You see, they’re giving away early access to the game itself. Those who pre-purchase the game via EA‘s new store will get access to the Battlefield 3 open beta when it goes live in September 2011. Apparently this offer stands for any platform, though we’ll keep you updated if we hear more about that.

For your monetary investment, you’ll also receive the Back to Karkand DLC map pack and two exclusive items for use in Battlefield Play4Free. If you purchase the PC version specifically, then the Physical Warfare Pack will also be yours.

Essentially, you’re getting a lot of the stuff other retailers are giving out, plus the beta. That’s a pretty great win if you ask me.

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