Pure Hold ‘Em Goes All In On PC And Consoles This Week


If you’ve been waiting for a poker game on current-gen consoles, consider this a possible flush. VooFoo Studios has announced that Pure Hold ‘Em is releasing on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One this week.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will finally get to ante up as Pure Hold ‘Em is the first Texas Hold ‘Em game on today’s systems. However, being first apparently comes at a premium, as the card game will cost $19.99 to play. The release sports 6 virtual tables to play poker at, with each one offering up a different difficulty.

Pure Hold ‘Em is the third release in the Pure series of games, which includes the previously released Pure Pool and Pure Chess. It launches on PlayStation 4 today in North America, with a PC release following on August 20th. Meanwhile, the Xbox One version is set for release on August 21st.

Interested players will be able to try to outplay their friends as the game supports up to 8 players online. Similar to Pure Pool, they’ll also be able to customize the tables on which the poker is played at. So, if you’ve ever wanted to play Texas Hold ‘Em on a table with neon pink felt, then your time is now.

Considering Pure Pool and Pure Chess were both well received titles, we’re optimistic that Pure Hold ‘Em will be another solid offering from VooFoo Studios. And, stay tuned, as we’ll be bluffing our way to virtual riches in order to bring you a review in short order.

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