Quake Champions Is A PC Game First And Foremost, But Id Software Is Open To Console Port


Opening Bethesda’s presser with a resounding bang, developer id Software took to the stage on Sunday evening – E3 Day Zero, essentially – to unveil Quake Champions, an old-school arena shooter in development for PC platforms.

Currently, id Software is considering that game to be a PC exclusive in many respects – “no excuses, no limitations” – but a recent GameSpot interview reveals that the studio isn’t opposed to the possibility of one day bringing Quake Champions to consoles. That’s according to the studio’s head honcho Tim Willits, who revealed that id plans “to focus on one platform” for the time being, before proclaiming a “love [for] console fans.”

It’s for this reason that Willits remains open to a console version at some point – “We’re not totally shutting the door on consoles” – just don’t expect it to launch anytime soon regardless of platform. Next up for Quake Champions is a long stint in beta phase: “It’s going to come out after a really, really long closed beta. I’m telling people now, it’s going to be a long beta,”

Quake Champions is without a release date for now, but expect more details to surface for the all-new arena shooter during QuakeCon in August.