Quantic Dream Reveals New Project, Detroit: Become Human


Those who’ve been hoping and waiting for a new Quantic Dream game will be stoked to hear that the boundary pushing developer just revealed its latest project during Sony’s Paris Games Week keynote address.

Currently known as Detroit: Become Human, Quantic’s latest development looks to centre upon an android made to resemble a young twenty-something woman. The trailer — which is the only thing we have to go on at this point in time — shows her creation, before it lets her loose in a protest-heavy version of downtown Detroit, where she seems to come to the realization that she’s different from her robotic peers. How so? Well, from the looks and sounds of things, it’s because she’s able to feel, perhaps due to a special development process or a brand new form of AI.

In the game, Detroit — which is referred to as an android city — looks to be in turmoil, due to heavy protesting from humans who feel that humanoid androids should not exist or be allowed to interact within our world. This is shown during one specific scene, where a belligerent protestor gets a bit too rowdy while speaking his mind amidst others with similar signs. As such, those who play Detroit: Become Human can look forward to a theme that has become pretty popular within fiction, that being the battle between humanity and technology, and the fear that technology will one day be our undoing.

You can see the surprise reveal trailer for Detroit: Become Human above, and can marvel at its impressive visuals (all of which were captured from the in-game engine) while doing so. Stilted title aside, it looks really good and has the potential to be something special.