Phil Spencer Wants To Support Cross-Buy, Cross-Save Across Xbox One And PC In Light Of Quantum Break


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer is aiming to host cross-buy and cross-save support across Xbox One and PC as standard, similarly to Remedy’s soon-to-be-released shooter, Quantum Break.

Just yesterday, Microsoft confirmed that a PC version of the long-awaited futuristic title will debut alongside the console release in early April – touting the highest PC specs of any game ever made, no less – and those who pre-order the digital copy of Quantum Break for Xbox One will be entitled to the Windows 10 edition at no extra cost. There’s also a copy of Alan Wake to be had should you pick up the console version, bundling together both story expansions for Remedy’s underplayed gem.

Per Twitter:

Looking further afield, to strengthen its games lineup on Windows 10, Microsoft is also bringing ReCore, Fable Legends and Rare’s maritime adventure Sea of Thieves to PC. As the latter two will be releasing as first-party titles, fans can surely expect a similar cross-buy and cross-save scheme to be support come release, though it’s worth keeping in mind that these features aren’t mandatory for third-party developers.

Quantum Break will drop for Xbox One and PC on April 5. To prepare for the latter version, you can consult the minimum and recommended PC specifications below.


Source: Twitter