Quantum Conundrum Free For PlayStation Plus Tomorrow

Sony has announced that North American PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to pick up Airtight Games’ Quantum Conundrum for the low price of zero when the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

For those unfamiliar with Quantum Conundrum, the puzzle game was designed by Portal co-creator Kim Swift and is “one of the most innovative and enjoyable titles released this year” according to our very own Chaz Neeler. Considering the game’s pedigree, and Chaz’s glowing review, it makes for an excellent addition to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

If first-person-puzzlers are not your style (or if they are and you just want more) Sony also revealed that Machinarium will be 30% off for PlayStation Plus members, making the point-and-click adventure game a cool $6.99.

The PlayStation Blog also teased that they have “more exciting news for PlayStation Plus right around the corner”, hinting that “PS Vita owners, and to-be PS Vita owners will love it”. Make of that what you will, and enjoy some free Quantum Conundrum while you wait for the official word.

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