Race To The Finish Line With Ridge Racer Vita On March 13


Not too long ago, a rumor spread stating that Ridge Racer Vita was delayed, effectively removing it from the handheld’s launch line-up. Despite the last minute push back, NAMCO Bandai will not end up missing that launch window by much. Their speed loving racer will burn its rubber onto Sony‘s new machine on March 13.

First run copies of Ridge Racer will come with a free Ridge Racer Gold Pass code. The day one DLC will be included in both retail copies ($29.99) and PSN download files ($24.99), although the downloadable version must be purchased before April 30 to qualify. As a result, early adopters will receive the following benefits:

Five extra cars
Three new tracks
Two brand new songs
A remix of an existing song

Those who wait will be able to download Silver Pass DLC at a specific price sometime next month.

When you boot up Ridge Racer, expect to be asked to update your Vita. The system update is necessary in order to provide a better framerate as well as added visual crispness.

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