RAGE Demo Shoots Its Way Onto Xbox LIVE; PSN To Follow

Although it released onto retail shelves almost two months ago, Bethesda Softworks isn’t finished promoting one of its most popular releases. A demo for RAGE has been released onto Xbox LIVE, with a PlayStation Network release scheduled for December 6th.

Here’s the premise for the demo’s mission, which is easily one of the best parts of the game:

The Ghost Clan, a cult of murderous fanatics, has infiltrated the waterworks beneath the town of Wellspring with plans to poison the water supply. You are the only one with the weapons, talent and courage to stop them. While in Wellspring, you can also meet the townsfolk, try your hand in games of skill and chance, peruse the wares of the local vendors or hit the Speedway for some racing.

If you haven’t given RAGE a chance yet, I highly recommend that you do so now. It’s a high-quality and action-packed experience where fluid gunplay speaks louder than words.

RAGE will also be discounted to $29.99 at select American retailers on Black Friday.

Check out our full review of the game before you log onto your Xbox in order to download the demo. If you’re awaiting its PSN release, then that gives you ample time to put on your reading glasses.

Feel free to check back and let us know what you think of the demo or the game itself.