First RAGE Dev Diary

Releasing on October 4th for the XBOX 360, PC and PS3 is RAGE, the new shooter from Bethesda and id. Today we get the first dev diary for the game and it looks at the legacy of the famous development studio. As we hear from senior id employees like Matt Hooper and John Carmack, the video shows off some exciting footage from their upcoming title.

Thus far, I’m pretty impressed with RAGE. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, the game will be set in the near future after the impact of an asteroid devastates our planet. While it will act as a FPS, there will also be RPG elements included such as side missions, an inventory system and customization options.

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks mighty similar to Fallout 3, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both id and Bethesda seem to have a lot of faith in the game and like I said, so far, I’m on board.

Check out the video below and take a nice trip down nostalgia lane with the boys at id as they give you a peek into their history, as well as their future.