Rain Falls Onto PSN On October 1st, Pre-Order Bonuses Announced


SCEA has announced that Sony Japan Studio’s Rain will be released on the North American PlayStation Network on October 1st for $14.99.

First announced one year ago at Gamescom 2012, Rain tells the story of a boy who on day sees an invisible girl silhouetted by the falling rain. Soon after seeing the mysterious girl he too becomes invisible, and finds himself being hunted by “ghostly creatures” that only appear in the falling rain. The game uses a unique stealth mechanic, as players will have to move in and out of the rain to hide the boy’s silhouette and navigate past the strange beasts.

Sony also announced a pre-order bonus for anyone who purchases Rain on the PlayStation Store between now and September 30th. In addition to the actual game, early buyers will get a dynamic theme, five hand drawn avatars, a musical montage (which includes the “beautiful musical pieces and sound effects from the game), and special Static Theme. All the bonus content can be downloaded alongside the game on October 1st, with the exception of the Static Theme — which becomes available as soon as the pre-order is purchased.

Finally, Sony Japan Studio released a second developer diary for Rain today, which features Yugo Kanno (the man behind the composition and arrangements in the game) explaining his inspiration for the title’s soundtrack.

Check out The Music of Rain developer diary embedded below, and look for more coverage on the title as we get closed to its release on October 1st.