First Rainbow 6: Patriots Details Revealed

The upcoming title, Rainbow 6: Patriots, was announced recently to great reception. The squad-based shooter has seen a lot of success this generation, with two titles released under the Rainbow Six: Vegas moniker. Now, it seems like the first details on the upcoming game have surfaced.

The game will feature (of course) the player as the leader of the Rainbow 6 squad. There will be even more control over your squad than in previous renditions, with Ubisoft alleging that players will have the ability to make their team execute, “the most deadly and efficient tactic given the context of the situation.”

We’re also told that the game will face the player with tough, moral-based decisions.

In regards to new tactics, the previous rappel and breach tactics will be slightly revised, including a “wall and ceiling breach,” “fast rope rappel,” “infiltrate and subdue” option, and something called an “Aussie style rappel.” I’m assuming that means you’ll be spouting lines from Crocodile Dundee whilst attacking.

Instead of the annoying door cam that was in previous games, we now have a thermal room scan that scans the entire room.

In terms of multiplayer, Ubisoft has mentioned a new feature called a sandtable. Players can use this sandtable in order to form tactics and familiarize themselves with the map through the use of a holographic display, like what’s pictured above.

We’ll keep you updated with new details as they become available to us.

Rainbow 6: Patriots is scheduled for 2013 and we’re supposed to get a preview at the Video Game Awards on December 10.

What say you, gamers? The first Rainbow Six: Vegas was what got me addicted to online multiplayer, so I’m quite excited for this one.