Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Footage And Screenshots Tease Tactical Espionage Action


Ubisoft’s tactical squad-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege has rappelled onto PlayStation Blog, bringing with it a series of lush new screenshots for the IP as well as a pulse-pounding gameplay trailer.

To generate excitement for the game’s arrival at the beginning of December, the publisher has also detailed a total of 7 essential features that you ought to be aware of before stepping foot in Siege. Indeed, if you were one of the fortunate few to partake in the shooter’s recent beta test, you’ll be quite familiar with the set-up – two teams competing for control of an objective, often a hostage – though there is still plenty to takeaway from the post.

Perhaps the one mechanic that Ubisoft is keen to trumpet is the destructible environments within Rainbow Six Siege. Considering that the vast majority of the action will take place across narrow corridors and inside buildings, the studio wanted to give players as many creative options as possible, allowing them to blast through walls or rappel through gaps in the ceiling how they deem fit. Powered by the RealBlast game engine – how apropos – here’s what the company shared regarding those malleable levels.

Destruction isn’t just a neat, aesthetic feature in Rainbow Six Siege — it lies at the heart of the gameplay. Using breach charges and other tools on walls and floors allow you to surprise, trap, and create lines of sight on your opponents.

The RealBlast engine enables us to provide procedural destruction, so surfaces will never break the same way twice. In the same sense, maps will be different every time you play depending on how you destroy and mold them throughout the course of the round.

Rainbow Six Siege will lock horns with Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3 when Ubisoft’s tactical shooter arrives across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1. To get acquainted with some of the locales you’ll be assaulting – or indeed defending – use the gallery below.