Rainbow Six Siege Will Include Both Previous Vegas Titles


Accompanying Microsoft’s announcement that the Xbox One will soon be backwards compatible with a number of 360 titles, it was revealed that the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege will come packaged with both of the previous Rainbow Six Vegas games upon release.

The reveal noted that they would be available to download, rather than coming packaged on extra discs, and so the assumption has to be that there will be codes included in the packaging with each copy of the new game. This offer was not the only of its kind, either, with Bethesda confirming a similar arrangement concerning Fallout 3 and 4 for the Xbox.

Rainbow Six Siege was first unveiled at last year’s E3 conference, with little more known about the game at this stage. Although, it is reasonable to assume that more information may be unveiled later today when Ubisoft take to the stage for its own conference.