Rare Gearing Up To Reveal New Title At E3, According To Report


E3 2015 will herald an all-new game from the creative minds at Rare, according to an as-yet-unconfirmed report.

IGN has unearthed a Tweet from a member of the studio – Creative Director Simon Woodroffe – who hinted that a new project will be unveiled under the lights at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As his Twitter messages are protected, we’re unable to embed the statement in question, though Woodroffe’s Tweet is as follows:

“E3 will tell the world what Gregg Mayles new project is about.”

Another member of the community asked a follow-up question: whether said project is a sequel or a new IP, Woodroffe replied, “All I can give here is a quote from the man himself, ‘This is more fun than anything we’ve ever done.'”

While his statements are yet to be confirmed by either Rare or Microsoft, they do align with earlier quotes by fellow developers at the studio. In fact, earlier this year, composer Robin Beanland teased that 2015 is poised to be a big year for the company. Couple this with the fact that all has been quiet on the Rare front since the release of Kinect Sports Rivals last year and it seems the prestigious developer has something up its proverbial sleeve. No smoke without fire, I suppose.

In related news, former members of the Rare team are stealing headlines of late thanks to their lucrative Kickstarter campaign. Playtonic’s maiden project, Yooka-Laylee, has stormed to $1.3 million in crowd-funding money, and is tentatively slated for October of 2016. Will the Microsoft-owned studio unveil a platformer of its own during E3 2015 to act as healthy competition?

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Source: IGN