Are Rare, Lionhead And Turn 10 Making Xbox 720 Games Right Now?

We may not know when a true successor to the Xbox 360 will be released, announced or even if it actually exists. But that doesn’t stop us from treading through the rumor mill and having a bit of fun.

On the mill today? According to UK magazine Xbox World 360, a few big name developers close to Microsoft are already working on launch titles for a supposed Xbox 720.

Those big name developers are none other than Rare (Kinect Sports, Banjo Kazooie,) Turn 10 (Forza,) and Lionhead (Fable.)

Rumors have been flying around that Microsoft is set to reveal a “NextBox” at E3 2012 next June, but they’re still just rumors. Microsoft has gone on record several times that they’re treating the release of the Kinect almost a year ago as a “rebirth” for the console, which would add another few years onto the lifespan.

If nothing else, recall that Sony wants a 10-year lifespan for the PS3, which would take it all the way until 2016.

What say you, gamers? Are you ready for a new console generation yet?

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