Rare Unveils Shared World Multiplayer Title Sea Of Thieves


Announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference, Rare’s swashbuckling adventure Sea Of Thieves was described as being the company’s “most ambitious title to date.” The trailer demonstrated mostly first person action, but revealed a blend of third person action where combat was taken to the high seas.

The fact that other player names can be seen above fellow avatars suggests this will be a large multiplayer experience. Speaking of which, the action takes place in a cartoony 3D world, showcasing dense jungles, sandy beaches and the choppy waters of the oceans. A look at a tranquil harbour area also seemed to be showing a kind of hub for players to meet and plan their activities.


Playing in groups, the game’s characters will maraud through the world seeking out treasure and adventure in equal measure. Ships can be taken out to the seas by your and your group and PVP combat seems to be prevalent once in the water. Each vessel also seems to be customizable, so arming yourself well for each battle will be crucial.

Take a look at the reveal trailer above and let us know if you’ll be checking out this intriguing Xbox One exclusive when it releases.