Ratchet And Clank: All 4 One Dated With Pre-Order Bonus Details

Sony Computer Entertainment of America have officially announced their four-player co-op title, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, will hit North American store shelves on October 18. It will start to become available in Europe on the following day.

In addition to announcing the game’s release date, they also detailed what consumers who pre-order the anticipated title can expect to receive from different North American retailers. The details are as follows:

Amazon: A T-Rex Morph Weapon Mod, which changes your weapons from dangerous threats to baby dinosaurs.

Best Buy: The Kerchu-engineered flamethrower, which allows you to fry your enemies to various degrees of crispy.

Gamestop: The hovering synthenoid, Mr. Zurkon, who shoots lasers and taunts your enemies with his comedic insult processor.

Wal-mart: The Sheepinator Morph Weapon Mod, which alters your enemies’ physical state, changing them into harmless sheep.

The aforementioned pre-order bonuses will also be available for European customers, through different retailers across the pond.

The following trailers were also made available, and show footage from the game’s co-op chases, as well as its pre-order bonuses.