Rayman Fiesta Run And Rabbids Big Bang Coming To Mobile


Ubisoft has announced that they will be releasing Rayman Fiesta Run and Rabbids Big Bang on iOS and Android this fall. Fiesta Run is a sequel to last year’s acclaimed Rayman Jungle Run, while Rabbids Big Bang is a spin-off of the successful Rabbids franchise.

In Rayman Fiesta Run, players will take control of the limbless hero as he runs through a variety of environments. These locations will be filled with your typical tropical accompaniments such as exotic fruit, cocktail umbrellas and pinatas. Rayman will swim, shrink, punch and dash through more than 75 levels. In addition, Fiesta Run will also include Rayman Legends‘ Invasion Mode.

Check out the reveal trailer for Rayman Fiesta Run below.

A spin-off of a spin-off, Rabbids Big Bang is a physics-based puzzle game. Big Bang tasks players with guiding the Rabbids through space using a combination of a jet-pack and the surrounding planets’ gravitational pull. As a point of reference, the game looks like it plays similar to Angry Birds Space. Rabbids Big Bang will feature 150 missions spread across 10 worlds and the title will only cost $0.99. A teaser trailer for Rabbids Big Bang is posted below.

Of the two games, I’m easily more excited about Rayman Fiesta Run. The Rayman franchise has always been a top-tier platforming series and the previously released Jungle Run was one of the best mobile games of 2012. Fiesta Run also has the benefit of being powered by the UbiArt Framework engine, which is the same engine that powers Rayman Legends. The title looks gorgeous and is perfect for playing on the go.

I’m a little more bearish on Rabbids Big Bang. For starters, I have never understood the appeal of the Rabbids. They are absolutely horrifying to look at and are incredibly annoying. Is that the point? Is this just me being a cranky old man? The fact that it looks like remarkably similar to Angry Birds Space doesn’t really help things either.

Any interest in Rayman Fiesta Run or Rabbids Big Bang? Comment and let us know.