Rayman Legends’ Delay Means Plenty Of Extra Content


Ubisoft’s upcoming platformer, Rayman Legends, has been the subject of some controversy due to its massive delay earlier this year, which shifted it from a February Wii U-only launch to a fall release that added the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PS Vita. Though many gamers were not happy about having to wait a lot longer for the followup to Rayman Origins, it’s starting to look like the game’s developers haven’t sat around doing nothing during the delay.

Numerous additions and new features have been added to the game, making for what is apparently a gargantuan adventure that easily trumps Origins in game length and variety. In addition to the main quest, an unlockable series of Invasion levels will be made available, which essentially serve as a revamped time trial mode where enemies from one specific game world invade another and take several defenseless Teensies hostage. Players will have 60 seconds to try and save three Teensies from being blasted off on a firework, with more being saved the faster they finish each level.

Another recently announced big new feature will be the inclusion of 40 remastered levels from Rayman Origins. These levels will be an optional bonus available from the get-go for players, and will boast the new, painting-like art style being introduced in Legends, along with some updates to better suit the enhancements the sequel will be making to the previous game’s formula.

Besides local co-op multiplayer for the main campaign, a new minigame called Kung Foot, which is essentially a Rayman-styled spin on soccer, will be included. Finally, the much-touted Wii U touchscreen elements, which involve a player controlling a flying character named Murfy and interacting with the environment via the system’s GamePad, will be brought over to the other versions. The Vita version will take full advantage of the system’s touch screen as well, and will essentially be identical to the Wii U. The other two consoles, on the other hand, will still have players controlling Murfy, but he will automatically move to the parts of the environment he can alter, with button presses triggering his inputs.

Rayman Legends is scheduled for a European launch on August 30 and a North American release on September 3. We’ll keep you updated on the game as more news is released.