Rayman Legends Wows With Brand New E3 Trailer


It’s true: We’ve been waiting for Rayman Legends for a while now. But, from the looks of things, that time spent anticipating the follow-up to one of this generation’s best titles will end up being well worthwhile, when the game launches on September 3.

It looks great, to say the least, and Ubisoft has publicly stated that it delayed the project in order to make sure it’s as good as it can possibly be when it hits store shelves for various platforms. Furthermore, I’ve actually gone hands-on with the Wii U version, which was a blast to play in co-op.

Today brought with it little information on the mechanical front, but we did get to see some more footage from Rayman Legends during Ubisoft’s press conference. The French video game giant unveiled a brand new, animated trailer from visionary Michel Ancel, which offered some great in-game content.

Check it out below: