The Rayman Origins 10 Ways To Get Around Trailer Is Insanely Quirky

Getting around isn’t what it used to be. Back in the old days, people had to walk up gigantic hills to get to school and back. Weather was always a factor and the going was tough. It’s too bad that wall-running and bouncing weren’t available then. Though, to be fair, both things are still difficult for today’s average person.

In the latest trailer for Rayman Origins, we’re shown that the limbless hero and his friends have mastered both of the aforementioned types of travel. Not only those, but eight other forms as well. The list also includes highlights such as swimming, running, riding and flying. How’s that for creative innovation?

The Rayman Origins 10 Ways To Get Around trailer (below) is a quirky way for Ubisoft Montpellier to showcase its soon-to-be-released creation. The platform/action-adventure title is set to hit store shelves later this month, bringing with it a ton of fun and cooperative action. It looks great and plays well, based on my brief hands on time which took place a couple of months ago.

Rayman Origins will be available for purchase in North America on November 15, 2011. The trailer above shows a United Kingdom release date of November 25, 2011.