Rayman Origins 2 Appears In Retail Listing

Though last year’s excellent platformer Rayman Origins is already getting a sequel in the form of the Wii U-exclusive Rayman Legends, it now appears that another, more direct follow-up could be headed to other consoles.

A listing for Rayman Origins 2 for the PS3 recently appeared in listings on a European gaming website, with no additional details besides the name. When asked about the listing, Rayman publisher Ubisoft declined to offer any comments.

It’s certainly too early to be completely certain of the existence of a new Rayman game besides Legends, but it wouldn’t be unwelcome. The original Rayman Origins offered some stellar gameplay and artwork across several consoles, and many Xbox and PlayStation owners have been upset by Legends‘ Wii U exclusivity.

Considering that that title was originally leaked online before its official debut at E3 as well, there could be some legitimacy to this listing. Only time will tell.

We will keep you updated on future news regarding the Rayman series as it develops.