Is Rayman Origins Ever Beautiful

One of the biggest surprises at E3 was Rayman Origins – a game that takes our strange-looking titular hero back to his 2D platforming roots. Originally announced as a downloadable title, it was recently upgraded to a full retail game, which now makes sense.

Ubisoft’s trailer and screenshots for the title do a great job of eliciting two emotions from their viewers: making their jaws drop and forcing them to think of how they need to play it as soon as possible. The game looks like a blast, first and foremost, but it also has a great-looking and unique art style that is sure to impress those who love great visuals. It seems like an excellent return to form for Rayman.

Who says video games aren’t art? Anyone who disagrees with that statement should watch Rayman Origins’ E3 trailer below, and then they must take a look at its screenshots in our gallery.

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