Rayman Origins Coming To PC In March

There are still some of you out there who haven’t played Rayman Origins. Sure, you may have excuses, and some of them may even be legitimate.

“But Chaz, I haven’t had time.”

“But Chaz, I don’t own a console.”

“But Chaz, I had to save my family from a roving gang of punk ocelots.”

Well, make time. Get an ocelot trap from Wal-Mart and fire up your PC since Ubisoft has officially announced that Rayman Origins will soon be headed to the PC. On March 29th, you’ll be able to pick up one of the best titles from last year for a budget-friendly price of $29.99. To top it off, Ubisoft is reporting that there will be no DRM on retail copies and digital copies will only require a one time activation.

This was a fantastic title passed on by many gamers. I can only hope that, with its introduction to the PC crowd, it will see a renewed success.

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Chaz Neeler

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