Rayman Origins Demo Incoming; New Trailer Released

According to the folks at Ubisoft, a Rayman Origins demo will be coming to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network, sometime next week. It will allow anyone on the fence regarding the game, to test out its platforming action. Surely, the title’s amazing visuals, quirky presentation and outrageous gameplay will win over its grumpy cynics.

The downloadable demonstration will include three levels, which were taken from the game’s Jungle, Ocean and Food worlds. An unlockable costume will also be available for worldly adventurers. If you’re like me, then the latter environment is the most interesting sounding one in the bunch. After all; who wouldn’t want to venture through a world full of food?

European gamers can download the demo on November 9. A North American release has been confirmed, though no official date was given.

For now, you can take a look at the new Rayman Origins 10 Ways To Die trailer: