Razer Unveils New Arcade Stick for Xbox One


Just as some PC gamers could never imagine using a controller for a first-person shooter, many fans of fighting games couldn’t imagine opting for a controller over an arcade stick. Those types of fighting game fans will certainly be drawn to the Razer Atrox, a sleek new arcade stick for the Xbox One that Razer revealed at EvO 2014.

The $199.99 arcade stick uses buttons and joysticks created by Sanwa and appears to be a perfect fit for upcoming fighting games like the new Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat X.

Included with the Razer Atrox is a detachable 13-foot USB cable, a screwdriver, and an alternate top for the default circle-shaped joystick. The arcade stick’s customization is certainly appealing; in addition to being able to change the joystick to a bat-shaped top, users can swap out the Razer logo with a customizable top plate, which can cater to the art style of your preference. Since the bottom of the Atrox’s internal compartment uses honeycomb plating, it’s possible to mount screws in any location you desire.

Interested gamers can read up on the Razer Atrox’s full specs here. Razer asserts that their new arcade stick “represents the pinnacle of precision and reliability and is the definitive arcade stick for tournament-grade gaming.”

The mod-capable construction will be particularly appealing to many, as in addition to the visual customizations, modders can switch the locations of the joystick and buttons to wherever is most comfortable. Access to the top panel’s template, so you can personalize the Atrox with custom artwork, can be found here.

Will you be picking up a Razer Atrox when it launches? Let us know!

Source: Joystiq