Reacquaint Yourself With Frank West In Newest Dead Rising 4 Video


The revelation that original series protagonist Frank West would be returning to lead role status for zombie sequel Dead Rising 4 was a genuine surprise for attendees of this year’s E3, but since June, we’ve not heard (or seen) much for the timed Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusive.

We already know that this year’s continuation of the quirky franchise will return to the original Willamette Mall setting and feature similar gameplay to its predecessors, but Capcom has been frustratingly coy with further gameplay reveals. Until now, anyway.

A new behind the scenes video originally shown at the San Diego Comic-Con has unveiled a whole host of new weapons that Mr. West will be able to wield in his quest to find the most efficient zombie killer on Earth, including a spiffy new suit that can be customized in a similar fashion to how combo weapons have functioned in past games.

If that sounds a like overkill, don’t get cocky just yet; there’s two new types of zombie you’ll be facing this time around that look considerably more dangerous than your standard undead horde. So-called Freshly Infected and Evo zombies exhibit increased speed and aggression in comparison to your standard brain-dead fodder.

Dead Rising 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 on December 6. Head over here to see what we thought of the hands-on preview at E3.