Resident Evil 3 Fans Think Nemesis Is Way Scarier Than Mr. X

Resident evil 3

Last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake was easily one of 2019’s best games and one of the best features was Mr. X. In the 1998 PlayStation original, he was simply a recurring and tough boss that stalked a few enclosed areas. But by 2019, he’d morphed into a predatory, AI-controlled monster that would relentlessly track you down and brutally beat you to death. Mr X. became instantly popular online and one of the game’s signature characters. But now, the Resident Evil 3 remake is just around the corner and Nemesis makes Mr X. look like Thomas the Tank Engine.

Players familiar with the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis will have anticipated this, of course. As clued in by the title, the big selling point was that the Nemesis would hunt you down throughout the game. And, by 1999 standards, he was a terrifying foe. But judging by fan reactions to the remake’s Nemesis, he now lives up to his billing as the ultimate Resident Evil bioweapon.

And let’s be clear, all this is just from the demo. If the game follows the same trajectory as the original, we’ll get to see Nemesis mutate in increasingly weird and disturbing ways as the story goes on.

Right now, this looks like it’s going to be a more than worthy successor to Resident Evil 2 and will cement Capcom’s current hot streak. Seriously, after Devil May Cry 5, Monster Hunter World and the latest entries in the Resident Evil series, the venerable publisher is on fire. Whatever they’ve got cooked up for Resident Evil 8 I’ll be there day one. But could it be too much to hope for a CODE: Veronica remake in 2021? Is the world ready for Alfred Ashford and his delightful sister once more? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Resident Evil 3 hits shelves on April 3rd, and this is one virus I definitely want to catch.